Time to kick out the third wheel

Ok this sounds like a click bate. Wait sorry, it is. But it's also true.

We've had a third wheel in our bed for a while. A 3 years old third wheel called Ässä. I was going to get him out and put him to sleep in boys room, before the baby was born. He has his own bed there and his big brother would sleep in the same room.

It might have been about an year ago when I started reading bedtime stories and singing our lullabies in the boys room. 

But then we got sick.
And then I got tired.
And then the baby was about to be due.
And then baby went over due. 
Only for 4 days, not bad. 

And it was just too late. 

Because I didn't want him to feel like the new baby sister had kicked him out of our room.

We have a bed for the baby in our room so he was sleeping in there. At least most of the night before he jumped next to us. But taking over baby's bed was totally fine, because the baby still sleeps next to me. That makes nights a lot easier. I can just turn and breastfeed her while we continue our sleep. It doesn't interrupt my sleep too badly.

There are nights when we have all four kids in our bed, it's not always comfy. Mostly they all will stole my duvet. But non of them is kicked out in the middle of the night. Just trying to get them go to sleep in their own beds.

And here we are starting again.

Monday night our third wheel fell asleep on the couch before bedtime. So I carried him to his own bed in the boys room. When we finally got the big kids ready to sleep Jekku didn't want to go to sleep because Ässä was sleeping in the same room.

Turns out that Ässä is not the only one who's been highjacking someone else's bed. 

Tuesday night they were just impossible. I'm regreting even trying. Better keep the boys in seperate rooms. Forever. Ok only the nights when we are little late with bedtime. Wednesday I asked where the third wheel wanted to sleep and every night since, he's been chosing the babys bed. And then we had a friday and movie night! And for a moment all four slept in our bed. 

Story of  trying to get the third wheel out of our room
so our now fourth wheel could be our last third wheel 
might or might not to be continued.

Be back later, Petra

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