Just one banana

Let's jump back to the end of November 2022. Good times.  

I'm starwing. We had a super late evening snack at my great aunts home right about at midnight. Slept poorly couple of houres. They say you're not supposed to eat before surgery. I skept breakfast and drove to the hospital, again. An other accident with another child and another hospital, because it's weekend. 

I had one banana from my great aunt and planned to get something nice from the cafe, when the child would be in the operation room. I don't want to leave him alone also I don't want to eat front of him. I know he's starwing too.

If there's someone that you just know they are too hungry. And you might get the idea if I say a hungry toddler. You don't want to walk on that thin ice. 

Well the cafes open houres were just sad. It was already closed and we were still waiting. And the IV fluid and Ninjago helped my hungry boy to sleep. 

Guess what! It's way more snowy here in Helsinki than it was at home when we left. I have my winter jacket, but else is not so winter aprooved. I don't even have my beanie! 

Finally after 9h wait at the hospital and after 17h without eating or drinking we walked to the opearation room. I got to be there when my naturally sleeping boy was put in medical sleep. That was ok. Even tho I held back my tears. 

Thats when the anestheologist team and our nurse started asking if I had also eat nothing. 

First thing back at the seventh floor I got to take some snacks. Second was to eat. Third I left to visit near by store to buy some snack to survive with over the night. Baby fell asleep and right back at our hospital room my phone rang. Child was waking up,

Finally he got to eat and I got him a Jacky milk chocolat pudding. 

Broken wrist

I broke my left wrist eleven years ago. It was a work accident and I got 700€ from incurance. That was quite a nice money for a student living alone.

Now I spent about 17 hours in healtcare because of a broken wrist. This time it was a sport accident and it was not mine. Have to say that I'm quite surprised that as parents we made it this far without any broken bones. 

I think I'm quite good at pretend to be ok. Even tho I am a big cry. Everytime. When they went to daycare, preshcool, balet school, you name it. I cry, but kids don't know it. Hubby laughs at me. Specially when I cry for a tv show or a movie.

Today I almost cried when the nurse took that little hospital bed through the doors to the operation room and anesthesiologist.  

3 hours later I got him back smiling with a teddy bear and a blue cast.

They even gave him a chocolate pudding with dinner! 

I got a banana yoghourt. 

Time to kick out the third wheel

Ok this sounds like a click bate. Wait sorry, it is. But it's also true.

We've had a third wheel in our bed for a while. A 3 years old third wheel called Ässä. I was going to get him out and put him to sleep in boys room, before the baby was born. He has his own bed there and his big brother would sleep in the same room.

It might have been about an year ago when I started reading bedtime stories and singing our lullabies in the boys room. 

But then we got sick.
And then I got tired.
And then the baby was about to be due.
And then baby went over due. 
Only for 4 days, not bad. 

And it was just too late. 

Because I didn't want him to feel like the new baby sister had kicked him out of our room.

We have a bed for the baby in our room so he was sleeping in there. At least most of the night before he jumped next to us. But taking over baby's bed was totally fine, because the baby still sleeps next to me. That makes nights a lot easier. I can just turn and breastfeed her while we continue our sleep. It doesn't interrupt my sleep too badly.

There are nights when we have all four kids in our bed, it's not always comfy. Mostly they all will stole my duvet. But non of them is kicked out in the middle of the night. Just trying to get them go to sleep in their own beds.

And here we are starting again.

Monday night our third wheel fell asleep on the couch before bedtime. So I carried him to his own bed in the boys room. When we finally got the big kids ready to sleep Jekku didn't want to go to sleep because Ässä was sleeping in the same room.

Turns out that Ässä is not the only one who's been highjacking someone else's bed. 

Tuesday night they were just impossible. I'm regreting even trying. Better keep the boys in seperate rooms. Forever. Ok only the nights when we are little late with bedtime. Wednesday I asked where the third wheel wanted to sleep and every night since, he's been chosing the babys bed. And then we had a friday and movie night! And for a moment all four slept in our bed. 

Story of  trying to get the third wheel out of our room
so our now fourth wheel could be our last third wheel 
might or might not to be continued.

Be back later, Petra

Two minutes blogposts

Do you remember those two minutes blogposts? 'Cause I don't.

I just spent few weeks to finish some pictures for my finnish blogpost. It took me quite a long time to get 22 pictures ready for my blog.

And who cares about the time it took, THATS WAY TOO MUCH PICTURES! I am not photograp blogger. I am a familylife blogger so why do I spent time to get 22 pictures done? 

Maybe its time to take a step back and break that model where I'm trying to make my self fit.Why make things too hard for me, when what I've already done has been good enough.

My finnish version of this one took maybe half an hour. I though this would take even longer, but this one actually might be true 2 minutes blogpost. 

Be back later, Petra

Sängyn alla means under the bed

Hi there, my cousin gave me an idea to start blogging in english. I kind of forgot I even made this site already. Also I feel like my spoken english is way better than written, but who knows, lets give this a try. It's always easy to start with telling about myself, so lets do that first!

My name is Petra, I live in Finland, have always lived. All thought I've lived across the country. Long story short: My family lived in Jyväskylä, where I went to school. I moved to Tampere when I was almost sixteen. Studied there for 3 years and gratuaded as sports advisor from Varala's Sport Institute. Then moved to Rovaniemi, studyt 2 years and gratuaded again, this time to be hotel receptionist. I met my husband before I moved back to mom and dads,  then he visited us for the first time. Couple of months later I got a job and moved to his home city where we still live, with our four children. And yeah we did get married and I wanted to take his lastname. 

So yes I started writing when I was pregnant with our firstborn. She is now 8 years old and so is my blog, called Sängyn alla. It use to be Elämää sängyn alla = Living under my bed. But that felt too long. So I cut it just to be Under the bed. It suits me. 

I said we have 4 children, their names also as my husbands name is not published on my blog. Hubby is just my other half or here he will be hubby. And the kids got blognames. 

Nuppu = Flower Button, she's 8years old second grater at the moment

Jekku = Trick, 6 years old preschooler

Ässä = Ace, 3 years old, who goes to daycare 

and the littles one Kirppu = Flea whos 7,5 months at the moment.

So I am a stay at home mom at the moment. And I know that I keep saying at the moment a lot. I guess I'll stop it at some point and that's it in a nutshell.

I might keep their Finnish names, sorry, but I think those are cuter. :D 

So I might just randomly write here, or I might translate my older posts. Depends on how much I've got time. Like if I have any. There might be quite big changes coming. 

And I'm done with this first post in english, because Ässä just rolled out of the bed and fell on the floor. 

I dont think we are going to have Halloween of anykind, but you guys, have great Halloween week! :) 

I'll be back later, Petra